Wednesday 10 September 2014

Occult Rock Bands

1. Orchid
What if Ozzy's Black Sabbath didn't change their sound with Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Day, and were still releasing killer studio albums in the 70s? Well, they would sound exactly like Orchid.
(2009) Through the Devil's Doorway EP
(2011) Capricorn
(2012) Heretic EP
(2013) The Mouths of Madness

2. Blood Ceremony
Well played flute, organ and riffs with a female vocalist create a great dark and occult atmosphere. What do you want more?
(2008) Blood Ceremony
(2011) Living With The Ancients
(2013) The Eldritch Dark

3. Witchcraft
Probably the best retro band coming out from Sweden. "Witchcraft" and "Firewood" have a terrific doom/occult rock sound, while "The Alchemist" and "Legend" have a more hard rock sound, but are great nonetheless.
(2004) Witchcraft
(2005) Firewood
(2007) The Alchemist
(2012) Legend

4. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
A very distinct retro doom/occult rock sound with a horror-movie feel in it. These UK guys are pure genius. Edit: I'm personally disappointed by their last release, but many other people seem to like it.
(2010) Vol. 1
(2011) Blood Lust
(2013) Mind Control

5. The Devil's Blood
Amazing female vocals and riffs. They remind me of a more heavy version of Coven. Of course they are awesome. Edit: Fuck!... the band broke up recently and released a final studio album which unfortunately sucks bad.
(2008) Come, Reap EP
(2009) The Time Of No Time Evermore
(2011) The Thousandfold Epicentre
(2013) III: Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven Pillars

6. Burning Saviours
Doom band heavily inspired by the 70's. Their third release, Nymphs & Weavers, is instead pure 70's hard rock (and it's great!). Now they've return back to their original sound.
(2005) Burning Saviours
(2006) Hundus
(2007) Nymphs & Weavers
(2014) Boken Om Förbannelsen

7. Jex Thoth
(2008) Jex Thoth
(2009) Totem EP
(2010) Witness EP
(2013) Blood Moon Rise

8. Kadavar
An incredible german stoner/hard rock band with a doomy feeling in it!
(2012) Kadavar
(2013) Abra Kadavar

9. Ghost
Mercyful Fate meets the 70's. They had a lot of success with their debut. The second album... it's not that good.
(2010) Opus Emponymous
(2013) Infestissumam

10. Orne
This finnish progressive rock band reminds me of Black Widow's album Sacrifice. They create some of the most wondeful atmospheres I've heard.
(2006) The Conjuration By The Fire
(2011) The Tree Of Life

11. Noctum
(2010) The Seance
(2011) The Fiddler EP
(2013) Final Sacrifice

12.Jess and the Ancient Ones
(2012) Jess And The Ancient Ones
(2013) Astral Sabbat EP

13. Sabbath Assembly
(2010) Restored To One
(2012) Ye Are Gods
(2014) Quaternity

14. Devil
(2010) Magister Mundi Xum EP
(2011) Time To Repent
(2013) Gather The Sinners

15. Bloody Hammers
(2012) Bloody Hammers
(2013) Spiritual Relics
(2014) Under Satan's Sun

16. Purson
(2013) The Circle & the Blue Door

17. The Oath 
(2014) The Oath
18. Year of the Goat
(2011) Lucem Ferre EP
(2012) Angel's Necropolis

19. Heat
(2012) Old Sparky
(2014) Labyrinth - coming soon!

20. Venomous Maximus
(2012) MMIX - MMXI *
(2012) Beg Upon The Light
* contains the two previous EP

21. Fellwoods
(2012) Wulfram

22. Witch Hazel
(2011) Forsaken Remedies

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